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Version: 8.0
Question: 21

A customer wants a platform that can be leveraged by their analytics team to quickly develop and deploy proof of concept optimization-based applications for business users. Which IBM offering would the technical seller propose to the customer?

A. CPLEX Optimization Studio
B. Decision Optimization Center
C. DOcloud
D. Uncertainty Toolkit

Answer: A

Question: 22

After reviewing IBM Decision Optimization offerings, a customer gets interested in the Decision Optimization Center (DOC) product. The customer’s requirement is for a development environment and a multi-user collaborative deployment environment. Which DOC components will the technical seller recommend?

A. DOC Developer Edition, DOC CPLEX Server and DOC Client
B. DOC Developer Edition, DOC Data Server, DOC CPLEX Server and DOC Client
C. DOC Developer Edition and DOC Planner
D. DOC Developer Edition. DOC Data Server, DOC Client

Answer: B

Question: 23

A customer is interested in deploying an optimization solution with IBM Decision Optimization CPLEX Deployment Edition. What should the technical seller inquire about that would allow the IBM team to come up with a sizing recommendation?

A. The number of business users that will be using the optimization application.
B. The number of concurrent optimization requests that are expected to reach CPLEX at any given time
C. The amount of time it takes for CPLEX to solve a single optimization request
D. The number of variables and constraints in the optimization problem

Answer: D

Question: 24

How do Operations Researchers benefit from the OPL modeling capabilities offered by I6M CPLEX Optimization Studio?

B. Process big data.
C. Develop models very rapidly.
D. Reduce memory footprint

Answer: C

Question: 25

A large international manufacturer is expanding rapidly and is looking to IBM for help in improving their supply chain network. Which metric does an IBM Decision Optimization solution help improve directly?

A. customs compliance for global sourcing
B. mean time to failure (MTTF) for equipment
C. open distribution center costs
D. global tax accounting

Answer: C

Question: 26

A customer is interested in deploying an optimization solution that will need to run locally on mobile devices that end users in the field carry with them What is the most appropriate license and sizing metric that the IBM team would propose?

A. IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer Deployment Edition and the number of mobile devices
B. IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio Developer Edition Floating User Single Session and the number of concurrent users
C. IBM CPLEX Optimizer Deployment Edition and the number of concurrent optimization requests
D. IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimizer Single User Edition Client Device License and the number of mobile devices

Answer: B

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